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Coast G20 LED Flashlight

Coast G20 LED Flashlight
Item# SVLTCTT7817
The slim shape of the G20 LED flashlight makes it the perfect light to keep in a tool bag, purse or briefcase. A handy, removable pocket clip is also included making it just as comfortable in a shirt pocket. Coast's Max Beamô Optic System shapes the available light from the LED into the most useable beam pattern giving you the maximum amount of light for your application. A lightweight aluminum casing offers great durability and will hold up to heavy daily use. Backed by Coast's lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards by an independent laboratory.


*Not available in the E.U.

36 lumen light output

22 meter (72 ft) beam distance

12 hour 15 minute runtime

Max Beam Optic System; Inspection Beam

Aluminum casing; Rear switch

2 X AAA batteries (included)

2.4 ounces (including batteries)

5.65 inch length

0.61 inch diameter
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