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Wilderness Basics Emergency Survival Kit

Item# SVLT101RP
Survival Territory 1 Person Emergency Survival Kit is built and outfitted to endure a 72 hour lock-down Survival situation or Evacuation! The emergency kit is loaded with the gear to pull you through a disastrous situation that's left you on your own to contend with your own survival. Outfitted with Professional Quality tried and tested emergency gear and basic essentials to provide and assist in your maintenance and survival until the worst is over or rescue responders arrive.


1 – SNUG PACK RESPONSE PACK. - Coyote tan. When traveling light or when you may need to move out in a hurry it pays to keep all your essential items together. With a place for just about everything, this multi functional carry case also doubles as a fanny pack. Weighs 16 oz. Measures 14" x 5 1/2" x 8 5/8".

1 – The NDUR Emergency Survival Bag comes in a small compact packable size but yet opens into a full sized sleeping bag that will fit a fully clothed adult. It is made of a strong insulating material which reflects back 90% of the user's body heat. It not only helps to provide protection in various weather conditions but also prevents and assists treatment of Hypothermia. Measures 36" x 84". Reversible options - orange to silver. Water and wind resistant. It can also be used as a signaling device for easy identification by using the silver side.

1 – ALL WEATHER RAIN EMERGENCY PONCHO - is lightweight yet durable, reusable and easy to pack which makes it ideal for carrying in case of an emergency or for outdoor activities. The one size fits all rain poncho measures 50" x 80" and features a hood to protect you from the elements. Color varies.

1 – UCO CLARUS 2 LANTERN - The small, powerful UCO Clarus Lantern + Flashlight is one of the most lightweight, versatile lights you’ll ever own. Built for adventure, it’s reliable, convenient and sheds up to 118 lumens of light wherever you need it. Use it as a lantern and adjust the brightness to high, mid or dim—useful if battery power needs to be conserved—or push the head down and collapse it into a flashlight when you need a focused beam of light. Activate the strobe function in an emergency; the hanging hook makes hands-free operation a snap. LANTERN COLLAPSES INTO FLASHLIGHT - The hybrid design of the UCO Clarus telescopes into a frosted lantern for diffused light or collapses into a powerful, compact flashlight for more focused lighting. The versatile UCO Clarus can also be operated as an emergency strobe.

3 – 12 HOUR LIGHT-STICKS - 12-Hour Light stick Description: Great for emergencies Just bend and snap for 12 hours of emergency lighting - no more dead batteries! Each light stick is individually wrapped.

1 – DISTRESS WHISTLE - Bright orange Tough plastic construction. Produces a high decibel noise from low air input. Features slide clip. The internationally recognized distress signal is 6 blasts of the whistle with a 1 minute break and then repeated. The reply is 3 blasts with the same pause. SOLAS approved.

12 – 4.2 oz WATER RATION PACKS- These 4.2 oz. water pouches are ideal for your 72 hour kit, first aid kit, and your emergency car kit. Keep some in your freezer for ice packs. These Coast Guard approved water pouches have a 5-year shelf life.

1 - 3600 CALORIE FOOD BAR RATION - is 27 ounces and is pre-cut into 9 pieces. We confirm: It has a great apple cinnamon taste, which is a plus when you have to survive on these things for 3 days in the case of a severe disaster. 3600 Food Calorie Bars are USCG Approved and have a five year shelf life and can Withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, from (-22°F to 149°F).

FIRST AID SUPPLIES - 6 - 1X3 adhesive bandages 2 – 2 x 4 adhesive bandages 2 – 2 x 4 non adherent pads 2 – Hand sanitizer packets 2 – Triple antibiotic packets 2 – Alcohol cleansing pads 2 – Cleansing wipes

1 – N95 Respirator masks - N95 respirators are devices that may help prevent the spread of germs (viruses and bacteria) from one person to another.

2 – PAIR NITRILE – protective gloves.

**** Products are subject to change due to availability, all products will be substituted with products of similarity and equal in quality and price.
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